Understanding the Landman

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  • Specialized Knowledge

An interactive course designed for Non-Landmen and individuals desiring to expand and increase their Oil and Gas Landman knowledge. It is suitable for petroleum industry new hires, revenue, joint interest, business professionals, investment advisors, analysts, exploration, transportation, regulators, government employees, and lawyers or anyone who interacts with the Land Department.


Course Content

This course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction and Overview of Oil and Gas Landman Operations
    • What is a Landman?
    • Minerals and Ownership
    • History of land and Leasing
    • Terminology
  • Land Departments in oil and Gas
    • Landman
    • Division Orders
    • Lease Analysts
    • Relationship
  • Royalty and Working Interest
    • Royalty defined and documents used
    • Working Interest defined and documents used
  • Net Revenue and Overriding Interest
    • Overriding interest
    • Working Interest
  • Carried Interest and Farm-out
  • Law of the Land
    • Conservations Laws
    • Common laws

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the Land Department and landman operations
  2. Discuss laws affecting oil and gas leases
  3. Summarize how to obtain leases and types of leases
  4. Differentiate and discuss Land Department documents
  5. Evaluate ownership rights

This in-person class is currently unavailable. Please check out our Understanding Landman webinar series.

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