REV-WEB Principles of Revenue Accounting Live Webinar Series

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  • 19H
  • Basic
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  • Accounting
  • Salomon Tristan


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This live webinar series is designed for individuals who wish to gain a basic Revenue Accounting understanding. It is suitable for petroleum industry new hires, business professionals, investment advisors, analysts, regulators, government employees, accountants, lawyers, community leaders, and the general public. Please note that questions in this accounting series may require access to a calculator.

Full Series Learning Objectives:

On completion of this series you will be able to:

  1. Describe the upstream oil and gas industry
  2. Recognize past and current market regulation
  3. Describe the critical role of the revenue accountant
  4. Describe production processes of oil and gas products and by-products
  5. Recall various product measurement approaches, standards and product allocation methods
  6. Explain, interpret and execute the various types of lease agreements and provisions
  7. Apply the sales and entitlement methods of accounting
  8. Prepare complete accounting entries for common dispositions

The series consists of 12 individual webinars. Click on a title below to purchase an individual webinar or to view a webinar’s full description.

Webinar 1 – Industry History and Value Chain
Webinar 2 – Oilfield Operations and Production Accounting
Webinar 3 – Oil Lease Sales Accounting
Webinar 4 – Oil Off-Lease Sales Accounting
Webinar 5 – Gas Operations Production Accounting
Webinar 6 – Gas On and Off-Lease Sales Accounting
Webinar 7 – Gas Plant Accounting I
Webinar 8 – Gas Plant Accounting II
Webinar 9 – Producer and Pipeline Imbalances
Webinar 10  – Production and Severance Taxes
Webinar 11 – Private State and Federal Royalties
Webinar 12 – Checkstub Processing


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