OPS-WEB Introduction to Oil and Gas Exploration, Production, and Upstream Operations Webinar Series (Recording Only – No CPE)

  • 12 pm CST
  • 8.5H
  • Basic
  • Group Internet Based
  • None
  • None
  • Specialized Knowledge
  • Phil Fischer

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An interactive course designed for petroleum new hires, accountants (CPA and non-CPA), and other petroleum players to provide an overview of Oil and Gas Exploration, Production, and Upstream Operations. The course will cover the necessary functions and operations for oil and gas companies to obtain leases, drill wells, and produce and transport petroleum products.

Full Series Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this series, you will be able to:

  1. Recognize geological features
  2. Explain the relationship between geology and oil and oil and gas formation
  3. Recall how Landmen broker leases and land purchases
  4. Summarize the drilling processes
  5. Discuss how different wells are completed
  6. Recognize various production activities
  7. Describe the transportation and sales processes

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