MFI-49 Employee and Contractor Awards

This document explains the forms and basis of various types of awards and discusses the chargeability of awards to employees and contractors under each of the Model Forms.  It includes a matrix to aid users in determining if the award is chargeable, covered by Employee Benefits, or covered by overhead.  15 pages.  2004.



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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Background
    1. Forms of Awards
    2. Basis of Awards
  3. Chargeability of Awards Under Various COPAS Model Form Accounting Procedures and Interpretations
    1. Labor
    2. Incentive Compensation Programs (ICPs)
    3. Employee Benefits
    4. Overhead
    5. Services
    6. Other Expenditures
    7. Project Team Accounting Procedure
  4. Recommendations
    1. Employee Awards
    2. Contractor Awards
  5. Exhibit 3 – Examples

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