MF-7 Deepwater Model Form Accounting Procedure



The Deepwater Accounting Procedure was specifically developed as a companion to AAPL’s 810 Form. Due to the unique nature of modern deepwater operations and how the industry tends to account for such, this Model Form contains provisions not found in other COPAS Model Form Accounting Procedures. ANY revisions to the Model Form language change the document to a non-COPAS approved publication and therefore the COPAS copyright symbol MUST be deleted. COPAS strongly recommends users purchase 2012 Deepwater Accounting Procedure Model Form Interpretation 53 (MFI-53) to gain a full understanding of the Model Form provisions and how all of the provisions interrelate and complement each other; this will help avoid misunderstandings and creation of unintended conflicts between provisions should users modify the Model Form. This publication is available at no charge. In addition, a word version of the Model Form will be available at no charge on the OCSAB website at



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