KYCD-WEB Knowing Your COPAS Documents Live Webinar Series

  • 9 am CST
  • 12H
  • Intermediate
  • Group Internet Based
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  • Accounting
  • Mike Cougevan & Roger Gann

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The Knowing Your COPAS Documents (KYCD) series was begun in 2010 to help new professionals be aware of and understand the principles in many of the industry standard publications COPAS offers. It was designed as a way to transfer decades of industry knowledge and guidance to those who need it, as well as be a refresher for industry veterans. It would also allow COPAS to identify documents that may need updating.  The sessions are not intended to provide in-depth analysis of COPAS publications, but rather be overviews of what publications are available for each topic covered.



This course is suitable for petroleum industry accountants and other business professionals who would like an understanding of various COPAS documents and their applications to accounting functions and relation to governing agreements.

Please note questions in this accounting series may require access to a calculator.

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