KYCD-WEB-5 Revenue Audit Protocols and Practice

  • 9 am CST for 75 mins
  • 1.5H
  • Intermediate
  • Group Internet Based
  • None
  • None
  • Accounting


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This session primarily explores the provisions of AG-21 (Revenue Audit Protocols) to allow attendees to better understand COPAS protocols and guidelines for conducting a revenue audit. While AG-21 by itself is not contractual, these guidelines are used throughout the industry as a way for operators, producers, and non-operators to conduct efficient and effective revenue audits. Real-world examples of how AG-21 provisions are implemented and enacted are also discussed.

Other COPAS publications covered include:

  • AG-6 Oil Accounting Manual
  • AG-15 Gas Accounting Manual
  • AG-18 Revenue Variance Analysis
  • AG-22 Producer Gas Imbalances

Learning Objectives: By the end of this class you will be able to

  1. Recognize COPAS protocols for conducting a Revenue Audit.
  2. Recall how AG-21 provisions are implemented using real-world examples.


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