Houston Society Membership

The Petroleum Accountants Society of Houston (PASH) is one of the largest societies within COPAS.  It is through COPAS that the petroleum industry is able to discuss problems, find solutions, receive oil and gas accounting/auditing training and education, and Develop Leadership.

PASH’s monthly meetings are generally held on third Thursdays, September thru April (except December). Meeting dates and times will be announced via their newsletter.  PASH’s annual membership assessment is $270 for Regular members and $160 for Associate and Retired members.  Please refer to definitions below and make your selection at the top of the application.

Regular (Participating) Members – Any Petroleum accountant who is in a position to attend regular meetings and otherwise participate in the activities of the Society may apply for membership.  If approved, such membership shall be individual and may not be transferred.

Associate Members – Any college or university accounting professor having association with Petroleum Accounting may become an Associate member.  Also eligible for Associate Membership are: Participating Members in good standing who would otherwise be forced to leave the Society due to their change in employment status, and other professional individuals actively associated with petroleum industry accounting matters.  Associate Members shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Society except the right to vote or be elected to the Board of Directors of the Society.

Retired Members – Any member in good standing who has attained age fifty-five (55), been an active member in COPAS for the past five consecutive years and is no longer actively engaged in Petroleum Accounting. Retired members shall be entitled to all privileges of the Society except the right to be elected to the Board of Directors of the Society.

To confirm your eligibility for membership, please click here to review the Membership section of PASH’s Constitution & Bylaws and read a letter to potential members.  Once you submit your membership application, the COPAS Office will forward your contact details to PASH and they may reach out to you for additional information to complete your membership.

To learn more about PASH, please visit their website at pashcopas.org.  For any questions, please contact the COPAS Office at copasoffice@copas.org or 303-300-1131.

  • Applicant Information

    I have carefully read the excerpts from Articles II and III of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Petroleum Accountants Society, and consider that I am eligible for election as a member of the Society.
    I agree, if elected to membership, to be governed by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Society, and agree to promote the objectives and welfare of the Society as long as I remain a member of the Society.