GB-WEB Gas Balancing Recorded Webinar Series (Not Eligible for CPE)

  • 10 am CST
  • Intermediate
  • Group Internet Based
  • Some revenue accounting experience
  • None
  • Accounting
  • Salomon Tristan


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This series of webinars provides an overview of Gas Balancing and linking directly into imbalances, owner responsibilities, and how to account for them. It is suitable for petroleum industry experienced Revenue Accountants, business professionals, investment advisors, analysts, regulators, government employees, and lawyers.

Please note that questions in this accounting series may require access to a calculator (the one on a smart phone will be sufficient).

Full Series Learning Objectives

By the end of this webinar series, you will be able to:

  1. Explain how various gas balances are created and settled
  2. Generate a gas balancing statement
  3. Identify factors to consider in gas balancing settlements
  4. Evaluate financial reporting requirements

The series includes seven webinars. Click on a title below to purchase an individual webinar or to view a webinar’s full description.

Webinar 1 – Deregulation to Imbalances & Imbalances
Webinar 2 – Nomination and Confirmation & Transporter Imbalances
Webinar 3 – Statements & Pipeline Flow
Webinar 4 – Exhibit E – JOA
Webinar 5 – Gas Balance Statement
Webinar 6 – Make-Up Gas
Webinar 7 – Settlement & Imbalance Reporting

Upon purchasing this webinar series, you will receive course materials and a link to access recordings of all five webinars on Adobe Connect.


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