Gas Balancing

  • 8 am CST
  • 8H
  • Intermediate
  • Group Live
  • Some revenue accounting experience
  • None
  • Accounting
  • Salomon Tristan

This course provides an overview of Gas Balancing and linking directly into imbalances, owner responsibilities, and how to account for them. It is suitable for petroleum industry experienced Revenue Accountants, business professionals, investment advisors, analysts, regulators, government employees and lawyers.




Course Content

This course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction and overview of Gas Balancing – Deregulated Gas Marketing
    • Historical Gas Marketing
    • Current Gas Marketing
  • Common Types of Imbalances
    • Collect and Analyze Data for Gas Imbalance
    • Imbalance Techniques
  • Nomination and Confirmation
    • Process
    • Account Wellhead Volumes
  • Transporter Imbalances Are Created
    • Producer Shipper to Purchaser Issues
  • Statements
    • Gas Plant Statement
    • Transporter Statement
    • Gas Analysis
  • Pipeline Flow
    • Production Flow
    • Multiple Allocation Points
  • Exhibit E Joint Operating Agreement (JOA)
    • AAPL Form
    • Negotiated Agreement
  • Gas Balance Statement
    • Required Data
    • Generate Statement
  • Make-up Gas
    • Define
    • Examples
  • Balance Settlements
    • Gas Balancing Agreement
    • No Gas Balancing Agreement
    • Imbalance Reporting

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  1. Explain how various gas balances are created and settled
  2. Generate a gas balancing statement
  3. Indentify factors to consider in gas balancing settlements
  4. Evaluate financial reporting requirements




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