COPAS ePublications (Corporate Site License)

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The site subscription license for the COPAS ePUBLICATIONS  allows companies to upload all the COPAS Accounting Guidelines and Model Form Interpretations on any network configuration.  Each company receives one CD-ROM.   This product allows your entire Accounting and or Land Department quick access to our complete set of Accounting Guidelines and Model Form Interpretations!  Coupled with the embedded search criteria in this CD, this is must have software for every Oil and Gas Company!

Once you become a subscriber (by purchasing your first CD-ROM), each January you will receive a replacement CD-ROM containing all revised and new COPAS documents for a reduced price of $825 (Annual Site License Update Fee).  New CDs will not be issued unless there are updates made between release dates.  If you would rather not receive our updates, just ask to be removed from subscription list before December 1 each year.

The “2019 COPAS ePublications” provides all of COPAS’ Accounting Guidelines and Model Form Interpretations in a pdf format. This CD provides the most effective and accurate method for searching COPAS documents. The search criteria in this CD-ROM allow you to enter any word or key phase and displays every occurrence of this entry in every COPAS Accounting Guideline and Model Form Interpretation.  Each PDF document highlights your key word or phrase as you search through the document as well as where and how it is used in each document.