CEPS- Computerized Equipment Pricing System (CEPS01 – Individual Subscription)



CEPS is a web based software for all your transfer pricing issues and requirements.  You may view the product at ceps.copas.org/CEPS_Web/home.asp

The benefits of our web based CEPS product include:

  • Dynamic realtime updating capabilities
  • Tubular updates include modern grades and connections along with user-defined adds
  • Enhanced online help center with photos, glossary and links to CEPS Control Panel members for questions
  • New batch process using multiple format imports and exports
  • Text-based user interface (no numeric codes or decimal values)
  • Plus many more new user-friendly features and enhancements

This subscription is good from January 1st to December 31st and is not prorated.  Subscriptions renew every January for $625.

If you are interested in previewing this product, please contact us at copasoffice@copas.org.

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