AG-3 Alaska Net Profit Share Leasing

The State of Alaska Net Profit Share Lease (NPSL) System is an integral part of the seven leasing methods currently provided for by state law. This monograph explains the provisions and provides guidance for companies working with this form of royalty. 62 pages. 1984.



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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Interpretations
    1. Overview
    2. Production Revenue Account
    3. Development Account
    4. Net Profit Payment Account
    5. Issues Needing Interpretation
      1. Accrual Basis Accounting
      2. Classification of Costs
      3. Cost Allocation
      4. Production Revenue
      5. Abandonment Costs
      6. Unitization
  3. Comparison with COPAS
  4. Alaska NPSL Regulations
  5. NPSL Regulations Revisions, Effective 3/27/82

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