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  • Principles of Payout Accounting

    This course is designed to introduce you to the very dynamic concept of “Payout” and its impact on various Oil and Gas industry functions. Many individuals have no idea what this function does or how important this activity is to the stakeholders it supports. In this four hour course we will discuss Payout and what it means, review basic documents needed to identify and track payout, identify the components of a payout calculation and what to do with them, and finally calculate a full payout. This principles class will provide a basic understanding of the payout process.

  • Royalty Remittances for Mineral Owners

    This course provides an overview of understanding three major events for mineral owners: 1. Ownership, 2. Leasing, and 3. Royalty Check. By using and reviewing examples of actual leases and remittances this course will take owners through Mineral Lease and Royalty check stub. This course will provide individuals a better understanding of questions for your producer and simple calculations to help you get to the bottom-line of your “Pay Stub.”

Showing all 2 results