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  • Introduction to Oil and Gas Exploration, Production, and Upstream Operations

    A hands-on overview of Oil and Gas Field Exploration, Production and Upstream Operations. Individuals will witness a variety of petroleum equipment used in all phases of Upstream operations. The course will provide Petroleum new hires, accountants (CPA and non-CPA), and other petroleum players with an understanding of the necessary functions and operations for oil and gas companies to obtain leases, drill wells, and produce and transport petroleum products.

  • Introduction to Oil and Gas Marketing and Sales

    As an experienced petroleum accountant or manager you want to have a deeper understanding of Revenue Oil and Gas Marketing & Sales Accounting to help facilitate your professional development. Building from your knowledge and experience, this course provides the knowledge you need to align the appropriate costs.


  • Introduction to Oil and Gas Transactions: Tax Considerations

    This course provides an overview and in-depth look of Oil and Gas Federal Income Tax procedures and process. Designed for petroleum new and experienced employees, and service providers involved in Petroleum accounting and industry. Additionally, this course is for those who work in the Oil and Gas Federal tax arena and want to expand their understanding the laws, processes, and procedures used.

  • Introduction to the Petroleum Industry

    For individuals who wish to gain an introductory understanding of the petroleum industry. Suitable for petroleum industry new hires, business professionals, investment advisors, analysts, regulators, government employees, accountants (CPA and Non-CPA), lawyers. Community leaders, and the general public. The course is presented in non-technical language.

  • Understanding the Landman

    An interactive course designed for Non-Landmen and individuals desiring to expand and increase their Oil and Gas Landman knowledge. It is suitable for petroleum industry new hires, revenue, joint interest, business professionals, investment advisors, analysts, exploration, transportation, regulators, government employees, and lawyers or anyone who interacts with the Land Department.

Showing all 5 results