Online CPE Courses for Accountants

COPAS is a leading Continuing Professional Education courses provider for oil and gas accountants. Our service enables professionals to stay current with the latest industry trends. All courses are taught by industry veterans.

Whether you’re an oil and gas accountant, sole practitioner, CPA, or APA, we’re here to help. Our course offerings evolve your skills, letting you better serve the people around you. 

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The Benefits Of CPE With COPAS

Trusted Partner

At COPAS, we act as your trusted partner, supporting both continuing CPA education for existing professionals and budding students looking to pass the APA exam. We serve some of the top companies in the country and are renowned for our dedication to learners. Our instructors deliver practical classes with up-to-date information, giving you the real-world insights you need to thrive in the oil and gas industry.

Real-World Training

COPAS CPE classes use real-world examples from instructors with practical experience of the issues you face. Their decades of experience offer wisdom, insights, and processes you can use to better serve your clients. 

Continuing professional education makes you a better employee and gives you a tremendous advantage in the marketplace when needed by staying on-trend, you can prove your professional acumen and attract business from clients looking for the highest quality providers. 

In-Depth Content

We believe that today’s accounting pros always need to be in the know. That’s why we offer in-depth CPE webinars for accountants covering relevant topics related to your industry. COPAS delivers accurate engaging oil and gas classes covering topics ranging from joint interest, audit, and revenue functions.

Flexibility To Fit Your Needs

COPAS understands that accountants are busy professionals. For that reason, we build flexibility into your online CPE subscription. Our courses are modular, allowing you to build them how you want. Plus, you can design custom education packages tailored to you or your company’s needs, letting you avoid unnecessary learning, time, and expense. 

Here are some of the formats we offer: 

  • Live webinars: Receiving content from instructors online in real-time is a simple and flexible way to keep up with CPE requirements. COPAS – as a leading source for oil and gas accounting development and solutions – offers webinar CPE credit hours for professionals watching content live. Webinar topics include subjects such as revenue accounting, oil and gas exploration and production, and gas balancing. 
  • In-person: COPAS also provides in-person courses, when available. Both members and non-members can use these to earn CPE credit hours. Our four-day Building your Foundation in Oil and Gas is ideal for those just starting on their journey serving the industry. 
  • Private group training: Private group training is available through us as well for companies and societies. 
  • APA Certification: Lastly, Accredited Petroleum Accountant® certification ensures that accountants working in the oil and gas industry have the necessary knowledge to serve their clients adequately. Those who complete the course communicate to the public, employers, and other stakeholders that they meet the APA® requirements for competent practice. Certification remains valid for one year and must be renewed by maintaining a specified number of CPE hours. 

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CPE Training For Accountants

While new technologies are becoming available all the time, the oil and gas industry will remain a critical segment of the economy for many decades to come. It has a proven track record and is a leading reason why so many accounting professionals are investing heavily in their education. 

Demand for accountants with up-to-the-minute insight is in high demand in the oil and gas industry currently. Firms need professionals who can help them manage their rising liabilities. With record debts, there is a need for accountants who can help them make substantial savings. COPAS courses and training transform your approach to serving oil and gas clients. It provides you with a critical market advantage, helping you to become a more trusted partner, both now and in the future. Join today.