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Meet Tom Batsche - darker COPAS Member Spotlights Tom Batsche FA Blog new 1 - Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies

Title: Assistant Controller Operations

Society: Houston (PASH)

Position: Director

Member Spotlight

1. Where do you live?

Houston, Texas

2. How long have you been involved with COPAS?

I have been a member of COPAS for 28 years, with three years out in Midland and 25 years in Houston.

3. What has been your favorite COPAS Event?

All of the events are wonderful from the standpoint of catching up with individuals that I haven’t seen, but from the standpoint of getting out of the office, I really enjoyed the bobsled runs at the Salt Lake City meeting.

4. What do you think the biggest benefit has been to you?

There is no doubt in my mind that being involved with COPAS at the local and national levels has had a significant impact on my professional career. Going to meetings and participating in discussions has enhanced my knowledge base. Getting involved with various leadership roles, both locally and nationally, helped prepare me for advancing roles within my corporate organization.

5. What would you tell someone else about getting involved?

Just by showing up at meetings, you are going to learn new things and grow as an individual. You will become more valuable to your employer just by participating.

6. What would you say about the networking within COPAS?

The knowledge base within the COPAS organization is vast and wide. Networking brings this resource and information to everyone by way of a conversation, phone call or email. Networking can help lead to solutions of similar problems and resolution of outstanding audit exceptions.

7. Why should people in this industry be a part of COPAS?

COPAS is on the front line when it comes to developing accounting-related publications that are used throughout the industry. Having knowledgeable individuals continue to volunteer their time and talent to the organization is key for the continued development of current publications in this dynamic industry.

8. Share one fun fact about you that someone doesn’t know.

I sang in my church choir for several years.

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