Meet Kim Peyton

Meet Kim Peyton - Kim Peyton FA - Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies

Title:  Managing Partner

Society:  Mississippi

Position:  Director

Member Spotlight

1. Where do you live?

Madison, MS

2. How long have you been involved with COPAS?

10 years

3. What has been your favorite COPAS Event?

Walking in Memphis. MS was the chair; the planning committee had such a good time planning this unique agenda.

4. What do you think the biggest benefit has been to you?

Getting to know people for resource contacts as needed in my practice to help serve my clients.

5. What would you tell someone else about getting involved?

There is so much information that is gathered from attending meetings. I have learned so much and been able to provide this information to our local society. Chairing a national meeting also strengthens the local societies involvement.

6. What would you say about the networking within COPAS?

For the most part, everyone is open and welcoming. There is always someone to introduce you to people. Being the new person is not always a bad thing.

7. Why should people in this industry be a part of COPAS?

It is a great resource for energy knowledge!

8. Share one fun fact about you that most people do not know.

I taught preschool in my prior career.

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