Meet Dalin T. Error


Title:  President

Society:  Houston (PASH)

Position:  Treasurer

Member Spotlight

1. Where do you live?

Richmond, Texas

2. How long have you been involved with COPAS?

 I’ve been a member of COPAS for more than 21 years, but have been most actively involved with the organization during the last eleven.

3. What has been your favorite COPAS Event?

Every event and meeting has been rewarding, but I particularly loved the 2019 meeting in Memphis and the 2010 Meeting in Santa Barbara!

4. What do you think the biggest benefit has been to you?

Without a doubt, the biggest benefit for me has been continuing my education in our industry and the continuing opportunities for meaningful professional networking.

5. What would you tell someone else about getting involved?

If you are an accountant in the oil and gas industry, and you’re not a member of COPAS, you are short-changing yourself. COPAS is where Education and Opportunity meet.

6. What would you say about the networking within COPAS?

Within our corner of the industry, there is simply no more knowledgeable group of professionals, most of whom love to share their knowledge and expertise with others. By serving each other, we serve our industry.

7. Why should people in this industry be a part of COPAS?

COPAS is the best source of information regarding current industry norms, while remaining at the cutting edge of new developments, emerging issues and best practices. It’s a perfect blend of ivory tower knowledge and real world dynamics.

8. Share one fun fact about you that most people do not know.

I’m a certified teacher in the State of Texas. I taught Middle School English, Speech and Drama for five years before going back to college for Accounting, changing careers and entering the oil and gas industry in 1997.

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