Meet Craig Buck

Title:  Controller

Society:  Oklahoma City

Position:  Secretary

Member Spotlight

1. Where do you live?

Oklahoma City, OK

2. How long have you been involved with COPAS?

 12 years

3. What has been your favorite COPAS Event?

Spring 2014 Meeting in Glendale, AZ

4. What do you think the biggest benefit has been to you?

The biggest benefit of being involved in COPAS to me is meeting other industry professionals that perform similar tasks and being able to expand my knowledge network.

5. What would you tell someone else about getting involved?

I would tell them if given the opportunity to get involved jump at the chance. They will establish relationships that will endure over the years the are mutually beneficial and also make good friends.

6. What would you say about the networking within COPAS?

The networking in COPAS allows everyone to expand past the individuals in their company and local area to tap resources that traverse the entire United States that otherwise, they may not have access to. In the specific line of work my company does, networking at the COPAS meetings is paramount for continued success.

7. Why should people in this industry be a part of COPAS?

People in the industry should be part of COPAS because it allows them to be involved in the process of drafting documents that will govern the work they are accounting for. I cannot think of any other organization that gives its members that type of control across all levels of the industry.

8. Share one fun fact about you that most people do not know.

I lived in Germany when the Berlin Wall fell and was able to visit and collect pieces of it.

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