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In our industry there’s always more to learn, no matter how long you’ve been in the game. You’re ready to run ahead as a leader—to help make industry decisions and share your knowledge—but you also have to keep up with change.

It’s a tall order, but you don’t have to go it alone.

COPAS is a professional member association for the industry’s most knowledgeable and influential petroleum accountants—2,600 members and 26 societies strong. We build each other up and grow together as professionals, people and friends.

When you’re looking for education, connection and opportunities, COPAS is your source.

We want to meet you where you are. What do you need?

I want to grow my professional network.

Join & Get Involved in a COPAS Society

Joining your regional COPAS society will immediately connect you with fellow professionals in your area. You can also connect with thousands of oil and gas accountants across the country at our annual Spring and Fall meetings. You’ll build lasting friendships, keep up to date with industry changes and trends, and give and receive help with current issues.

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The Secret Sauce: Knowledge Networking

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Within our corner of the industry, there is simply no more knowledgeable group of professionals, most of whom love to share their knowledge and expertise with others. By serving each other, we serve our industry

Dalin T. Error, Houston

I need to stay up-to-date on industry changes and trends.

CPE Courses

With new CPE courses every month, COPAS Energy Education meets your need for up-to-the-minute, relevant and accessible knowledge. Our courses balance theory and real world practices for an engaging experience. You can brush up on best practices and learn how to handle emerging issues like managing remote technology centers and drone charges.

Industry Updates

Always be in the know! COPAS members get access to high-quality publications with key industry guidance, plus updated economic factors such as the workers’ compensation actuarial assessment.

COPAS is the best source of information regarding current industry norms while remaining at the cutting edge of new developments, emerging issues and best practices.

Dalin T. Error, Houston

I want to increase my value to my organization.

Join & Participate in COPAS

Joining COPAS will help you become the go-to resource in your firm for the latest information and best practices! Your employer will also gain corporate representation through your individual membership.

COPAS publications are recognized worldwide as the authority for oil and gas accounting standards for U.S. Operations. It is the place for the oil and gas industry’s most knowledgeable and influential petroleum accountants. Being part of COPAS lends prestige to your career and sends the message that you mean business.

Find Your Society and Join Now

Need to make the case to your employer to cover your COPAS membership? Send them to this page.

Get APA® Certified

Earning the Accredited Petroleum Accountant® Certification proves you have proficient knowledge of the unique guidelines and principles of oil and gas accounting. Being APA® certified shows a commitment to professional excellence and to shaping thought leadership in our industry.

APA® certifications are valid for one year. By completing continued education that advances knowledge, skills and abilities, APA® certified accountants stay current with the latest research, professional standards and guidelines.

You will become more valuable to your employer just by participating. Getting involved in various local and national leadership roles with COPAS helped prepare me for advancing roles with my corporate organization.

Tom Basche, Houston

I’d like to serve as a mentor for new professionals.

COPAS Mentoring Program

COPAS offers a mentoring program at our Spring and Fall meetings. We’ll connect you with a new professional who you’ll introduce to people you know. This can serve as a foundation for a longer-term mentoring relationship.

It is very rewarding to share some of the knowledge I’ve learned with newer professionals and continue to learn from others.

Tammy Miller-Davison, Colorado

More Knowledge. More Connections. More Opportunities!

COPAS members are passionate about the profession and always willing to build each other up. We’d love to have you join us. Connect with us today!