Our Courses

COPAS Energy Education offers Group-Live and Group Internet Based classes for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits under NASBA. Our courses are taught by an expert faculty, with decades of industry experience. Classroom courses are typically 8 to 16 hours of CPE and webinars from 1 to 2.5 hours of CPE. We offer classes in a range of subjects designed to bring depth of knowledge to your expertise as an accountant in the oil and gas industry. 

COPAS also offers private classes for society and corporate education. All our courses have a modular design so that customization is easy. Choose from our range of complete classes, or design a custom education package from compatible course modules to suit your company needs. 

CEE Open Enrollment Courses

These are courses we currently run as open enrollment classes during the year. Please visit the CEE Store to see the classes open for registration.

Introduction to Oil and Gas Transactions: Tax Considerations

This course provides an overview and in-depth look of Oil and Gas Federal Income Tax procedures and process. Designed for petroleum new and experienced employees, and service providers involved in Petroleum accounting and industry. Additionally, this course is for those who work in the Oil and Gas Federal tax arena and want to expand their understanding the laws, processes, and procedures used.

Understanding the Landman

An interactive course designed for Non-Landmen and individuals desiring to expand and increase their Oil and Gas Landman knowledge. It is suitable for petroleum industry new hires, revenue, joint interest, business professionals, investment advisors, analysts, exploration, transportation, regulators, government employees, and lawyers or anyone who interacts with the Land Department.

Principles of Revenue Accounting Boot Camp

Designed for individuals who wish to gain a basic Revenue Accounting understanding. It is suitable for petroleum industry new hires, business professionals, investment advisors, analysts, regulators, government employees, accountants (CPA and Non-CPA), lawyers, community leaders, and the general public.

Introduction to Oil and Gas Exploration, Production, and Upstream Operations

A hands-on overview of Oil and Gas Field Exploration, Production and Upstream Operations. Individuals will witness a variety of petroleum equipment used in all phases of Upstream operations. The course will provide Petroleum new hires, accountants (CPA and non-CPA), and other petroleum players with an understanding of the necessary functions and operations for oil and gas companies to obtain leases, drill wells, and produce and transport petroleum products.

Introduction to the Petroleum Industry

For individuals who wish to gain an introductory understanding of the petroleum industry. Suitable for petroleum industry new hires, business professionals, investment advisors, analysts, regulators, government employees, accountants (CPA and Non-CPA), lawyers. Community leaders, and the general public. The course is presented in non-technical language.

CEE Additional Courses Available for Inclusion in Private Classroom Courses

The following courses may be offered at COPAS National Meetings as open enrollment classes or as webinars; however, due to their length will not be presented as stand alone open enrollment classroom courses elsewhere during the year. They are available for inclusion in private customized classes for societies and companies.

Royalty Remittances for Mineral Owners

This course provides an overview of understanding three major events for mineral owners: 1. Ownership, 2. Leasing, and 3. Royalty Check. By using and reviewing examples of actual leases and remittances this course will take owners through Mineral Lease and Royalty check stub. This course will provide individuals a better understanding of questions for your producer and simple calculations to help you get to the bottom-line of your “Pay Stub.”

Principles of Payout Accounting

This course is designed to introduce you to the very dynamic concept of “Payout” and its impact on various Oil and Gas industry functions. Many individuals have no idea what this function does or how important this activity is to the stakeholders it supports. In this four hour course we will discuss Payout and what it means, review basic documents needed to identify and track payout, identify the components of a payout calculation and what to do with them, and finally calculate a full payout. This principles class will provide a basic understanding of the payout process.