Who Are We?

COPAS is a professional member association for the oil and gas industry’s most knowledgeable and influential accounting professionals, offering programs and education that result in innovative business and accounting solutions.

Who Knows Us?

COPAS publications are recognized worldwide as the authority for oil and gas accounting standards for
U.S. Operations.

Why Us?

COPAS Members outpace the field with their knowledge, skill and connections.

Print for your office, include in a presentation, share with a colleague and more!

More Knowledge. More Connections.
More Opportunities!

Being a COPAS member means that you are at the forefront of driving change and innovations that shape accounting in the petroleum industry.

Outpace the rest and learn more about our industry’s best accounting practices, standards and guidelines that will propel your career. We offer courses and events around the country that will challenge you…and put a notch in your belt.

Are You Ready for More?

Industry Leverage

As a COPAS member, you have a seat at the table. Whether you jump right into leadership and serve on a committee or attend one of our annual meetings asking questions that challenge the status quo—every voice has the power to create and shape change in our industry.

Knowledge & Advancement

Increase your competency with new continuing professional education courses available every month! Our webinar and in-person courses allow you to stay current on CPE credit hours while increasing your likelihood for promotion and advancement in your career.

Industry Updates

Being a COPAS means you are always in-the-know! That’s because our members receive several high-quality publications with key industry guidance as well as various updated economic factors such as the workers’ compensation actuarial assessment.


When you connect with thousands of oil and gas accountants across the country, the sharing of knowledge, career opportunities and camaraderie naturally follows!

Value to Your Employer

Become the go-to resource in your firm for the latest information and best practices! Your employer will also gain corporate representation through your individual membership.


While our educational courses, and select publications and events, are open to the public, COPAS  members receive discounted pricing—like 20% off all webinars and 50% off all publications.