COPAS ePublications

I’ve purchased an ePublication product. Why do I need to pay an annual fee? Don’t I own the publications when I take the initial subscription?

When subscribing to the ePublication product, individuals and companies are effectively leasing the publications for usage. It’s not an outright purchase of all publications. This works much like any other software licensing agreement. Licenses expire if not renewed.

What publications are included in the ePublication product?

The COPAS ePublication product contains all active Accounting Guidelines (AGs), Model Form Interpretations (MFIs), Model Form Modifications (MFMs), and Training and Reference Documents. The product does not contain the Model Form Accounting Procedures (Accounting Procedures). (Model Form Accounting Procedures are electronically available through COPAS-approved vendors. COPAS sells watermarked paper copies on the website.)

The documents in the ePublication product are all keyword search enabled. Enter a keyword and see each document reference where that keyword appears.

Is there a limit of how I can use these publications for my daily work?

The material contained in the ePublication product is protected by Copyright and subject to Copyright laws. The publications included in the ePublication product is important to the daily work that you complete. Registered users may quote, with attribution, selections from within the publications, but no publication is to be copied or printed substantially in its entirety and provided for use by non-registered users.

I’ve paid for my annual subscription, when will I receive my product?

Payment can be made by check or credit card. If paying by credit card, call the COPAS office at (303) 300-1131.

Once the invoice is paid, individual subscribers will receive a link to access. The zip file can then be extracted to your computer. It can only be installed on one computer. The link is good for just one download. If you encounter problems with the download, contact the COPAS office.

Can I share my individual subscription with co-workers?

No. The product is licensed to a single user. Your co-worker can occasionally ask for you to research a topic for them. If requests occur more than occasionally, the co-worker should purchase their own subscription.

I purchased as a site license. Is there a limit to the number of users?

ePublication site licenses are unlimited use. The license covers company employees, but not company consultants.

The product should be loaded to a company internal network or intranet site. Site license holders will receive a physical CD so company firewall issues don’t occur. The CD should be protected and never shared with other users.

When do I need to let the COPAS office know I don’t want to renew my subscription?

You must inform the COPAS office by December 1 of each year if subscriptions will not be renewed.

What if my subscription lapses?

Once a subscription lapses, subscribers lose the benefit of annual renewal pricing. A new subscription must be started, at the price in effect at the time the subscription is restarted.

What if I purchase a publication from the COPAS website, separate from the ePublication subscription?

Directly purchased products from the COPAS website are not part of the ePublication product and are owned by the person or company making that direct purchase. Direct product purchases are priced individually and purchased one time. Products purchased directly and separately may be kept in individual or company libraries. A direct product purchase does not waive the Copyright laws. Usage of this material must still comply with the COPAS materials usage policy.

What happens when new publications are approved by the Council and released after I receive my ePublication link?

The Council meets in semi-annually, in April and September or October of each year. There is not a set pattern as to when COPAS publications are released. Publication development goes through a rigorous process, ending with a vote by the Council at one of the semi-annual meeting dates. Once the Council approves the publication, it goes through a technical writing process. Shortly thereafter the document is made available to all subscribers and the general public.

New publications or updates are provided to subscribers at no charge. Typically, any new documents are emailed to subscribers. Once again, subscribers do not own the publication, but rather are licensed to use the publication.

What should I do if I find COPAS Copyrighted material for download in the public domain (internet)?

COPAS will never publish Copyrighted material in the public domain. COPAS would appreciate notice when you find such material in the public domain as it’s a violation of the Copyright laws. Please email, or call (303) 300-1131 with the information. COPAS will take it from there.

COPAS aggressively pursues any intellectual property violation and have successfully litigated every known violation.