The output of committee work represents the essence of COPAS.

All COPAS publications are developed within Standing Committees with each committee assuming responsibility for researching and reporting areas of interest to the Board of Directors and Council. The specific objectives and duties for each committee are defined by the committee and approved by the board.

Standing Committees

Audit CommitteeMatt Pilkington, chairAudit Committee Charter
Education CommitteeAmy Whitley, chairEducation Committee Charter 
Financial ReportingKen Nollsch chairFinancial Reporting Committee Charter
Joint Interest Committee Jason Poteet, chairJoint Interest Committee Charter 
Revenue Committee Pam Akpotaire, chairRevenue Committee Charter 
Small Oil and Gas Companies Committee Nancy Brown, chairSmall Oil and Gas Companies Committee Charter 


Emerging Issues Subcommittee (Audit)Lucas Vaughn, chair
Vehicle Rates Subcommittee (Joint Interest)Janice Edmiston, chair
Employee Benefits Subcommittee (Joint Interest)Dawn Ferik, chair
Materials Subcommittee (Joint Interest)John Dramer, chair
Bureau of Land Management Subcommittee (Revenue)Mike Foster, chair
Fed Regulatory Affairs Subcommittee (Revenue)Jeremy Norton, chair
Midstream / Downstream Committee (Revenue)Dan Hodgson, chair
Non-Regulatory Subcommittee (Revenue)Amanda Allen, chair
State Regulatory Affairs Subcommittee (Revenue)Nate Wolf, chair

Special & Other Committees

APA® Board of ExaminersMike May, chair
BylawsTammy Miller Davison, chair
CEE Steering CommitteeCraig Buck, chair
Computerized Equipment Pricing System (CEPS) Control PanelDoug Smith, chair
COPAS Meeting Advisory CommitteeKim Peyton, chair
COPAS Mentoring Advisory CommitteeDalin Error, chair
Editorial CommitteeTom Wierman, chair
Leadership Handbook Advisory CommitteeKevin Launchbaugh, chair
Membership & Society SupportTammy Miller Davison, chair
Nominating CommitteeTammy Miller-Davison, chair
Research & Advisory CommitteeTammy Miller-Davison, chair
Social Media ModeratorMelissa Gruenewald, chair

Industry Liaisons

American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL)Karla Bower
American Petroleum Institute (API) Audit CommitteeTom Wierman
American Petroleum Institute (API) Royalty CommitteeRebecca Paris
Desk & DerrickCarolyn Sczepanski
Institute of Petroleum Accounting BoardCarolyn Sczepanski
John Jolly Memorial FundCarolyn Sczepanski
National Oil and Gas Schools (NOGS) Steering CommitteeCarolyn Sczepanski