2021 Annual COPAS Award Winners!

Congratulations to this year’s COPAS award winners, chosen by select members of the COPAS board.  We appreciate the dedication and leadership of these individuals and look forward to seeing their future contributions!


Tammy Miller-Davidson

Tammy is a long-time member of COPAS Colorado and has served in various leadership capacities at both the local level and national level.  She has been the Financial Reporting Chair and served for 6 years on the Board of Directors. Over the last year, Tammy has continued to serve as ex-officio over the past year for the Board of Directors, even as she retired from Ovintiv. Tammy has faithfully served behind the scenes and has always been willing to jump in and help. We are incredibly grateful for the support that she has given to the Board.


Terry McMurray

Terry has been a long-time member of PASH and, more recently, the Colorado society. Terry, in his own quiet manner, is regarded by his peers as an MVP (Most Valuable Player). He builds consensus and brings all sides into a mutually agreeable position, when opposing views are in presented.  He is a dedicated member who has served on several document project teams. If he is not on the team, he is submitting comments to the documents early and often.

Terry has been on numerous document project teams including the 2005 Model Form Accounting Procedure and COPAS MFI-57 Remote Technology Centers. He has also actively participated in the COPAS Audit Committee both at the local and national levels. His attention to detail and technical expertise in COPAS contractual language provides guidance and mentorship to those less experienced. His leadership helps others have a better understanding of COPAS publication principles and interpretations.

Terry might be a quiet and reserved leader, but his wisdom and knowledge conveyed at just the right time are an invaluable part of our COPAS tapestry.

Tom Wierman

Tom Wierman was hired as the 8th COPAS Executive Director on March 1, 2012.  Prior to that Tom worked as an E&P accountant for nearly 30 years. Tom held assignments in Wichita, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Calgary Alberta (Canada).

Tom has served as a society president and a board member for both the Kansas and Canada societies.  Active at the COPAS level he served as Tax Committee Chair, was a board member for six years and served as COPAS president in 2009. Tom was also a major contributor on the COPAS 50th Anniversary celebration in 2011. He was awarded the COPAS Eagle Award in 2013.

Tom is married to wife Paula. They have three children: Chris, Molly, and Justin.

Tom is involved in many different things. He is active in his church, directs a choir, is a past member of the school booster club, completed two terms as President of the Wichita Swim Club, and participates in Habitat for Humanity building projects. When he finds time, he enjoys do-it-yourself projects around the house. He has found lifting weights to be an enjoyable activity and devoting more time to that whenever possible, especially now that he is retired from officiating soccer.

Even though we joke with Tom that the word “NO” is not in his vocabulary, it is because he said YES to COPAS that our organization is alive and well today. His drive for excellence and servant leadership is the engine that propels our organization. There is no one that pushes harder, advocates stronger, or cares more deeply in this organization than Tom. He might disagree, but he will listen. He might advise against it, but he will take a risk. And he will always be there to support you, no matter the outcome.

Congratulations to Tammy, Terry and Tom! Thank you for your service to the Board, the Council and everyone in this organization.


Financial Reporting Committee Larisa Fialkova, Chair (2018 – 2021)

Joint Interest Committee Jason Poteet, Chair (2019 – 2021)

Employee Benefits Subcommittee Dawn Bruno, Chair (2003 – 2021)

Vehicle Rates Subcommittee Janice Edmiston, Chair (2019 – 2021)

Revenue Committee Pam Akpotaire, Chair (2020 – 2021)

Small Oil and Gas Companies Committee Nancy Brown, Chair (2017 – 2021)

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