The 1962 Model Form Accounting Procedure was the first document published by the new organization and is a part of many Joint Operating Agreements still in effect.  The Accounting Procedure has been updated several times throughout the years, with the 2005 Model Form as the latest Accounting Procedure recommended by COPAS.  In addition to Model Forms, COPAS publishes Model Form Modifications, Model Form Interpretations, Accounting Guidelines, and Training and Reference materials.  These publications provide the oil and gas industry with go-to resources for accounting standards, guidelines, best practices and educational materials.

Our publications are approved by the societies after being developed in specialized committees comprised of COPAS members representing a variety of oil and gas companies, consulting companies and governmental agencies having specialized industry expertise.  This breadth of participation and approval allows COPAS publications to be received by and accepted as industry standards.

What can COPAS do for you

  • Provide opportunities to learn about and participate in the development of the petroleum industry's accounting standards and guidelines.
  • Serve as the industry's premier networking opportunity for oil and gas accountants.
  • Provide members with a forum to discuss and resolve accounting and other issues, both on a national level and within your local society.
  • Furnish general and targeted training with our COPAS Energy Education and the Accredited Petroleum Accountant® (APA) certification program.
  • Host conferences and presentations on a wide variety of up-to-date industry topics.
  • Be an opportunity to earn Continuing Professional Education credits (CPE).