Oil and Gas Industry Primer (Houston)

Event Description

 COPAS Energy Education

Oil and Gas Industry Primer
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Houston August 21-22, 2017 – 8AM to 5PM

1600 Smith Street
Houston, TX 77002
Program Level: Basic                            Delivery: Group Live
CPE Credits: 16                           Prerequisites: None                                      
Advance Prep: None                    Cost: $520 (Early registration through May 21)         
Refreshments and lunch provided.         $650 (After May 21)

Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge and Applications

This course was developed for individuals with an interest in the oil and gas industry and intended to help accountants, laywers and others to better understand the Petroelum business. This Oil and Gas primer provide an overview of Petroleum history, geology, and upstream operations and their associated terminology.  It aims at introducing fundamental concepts and data that help understand Oil & Gas Exploration and Production (E&P) holistically and provide a common conceptual framework for individuals new to the industry or wanting to expand or build on their current Petroleum knowledge.
  DESCRIPTION: This course covers the following topics:
Day 1
  • History of Oil & Gas (Introduction Petroleum)
    • Early Drilling
    • Technology
    • OPEC & International
  • Modern Hydrocarbon Extraction Industry Organization
    • Types of Upstream Oil & Gas Companies
  • Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream Companies and Product Users
    • Functions
    • Operations
    • Processes
    • Users
  • Earth Geology (Petroleum Geology)
    • Rock Properties
    • Hydrocarbons
    • Rocks and Hydrocarbons
  • Petroleum Formation
    • Rocks & Hydrocarbons
    • Reservoir Traps
    • Oil & Gas Fields
  • Securing the Minerals (Landman)
    • What is Landman
    • Minerals & Ownership
    • History of Landman & Leasing
    • Terminology
  • Land Departments
    • Landman Responsibilties
    • Division Orders
    • Lease Analysts
    • Your Relationshipo
  • Joint Ventures
    • Reasons for Joint Ventures
    • Joint Interest Billing
    • Audits
 Day 2
  • Preparing to Drill (Review Day 1 also)
    • Build Roads and Infrastructure
    • Drilling Mouse & Rat Holes
    • Rig and Equipment Mobilization
  • Drilling the Well
    • Drilling Rig Components
    • Drilling Personnel
    • Turning to the Right (Drilling the Hole)
  • Downhill Drilling Situations
    • Coring
    • Testing
    • Reaming
    • Lost Circulation
    • Fishing
  • Casing, Cementing, and Logging Well
    • Casing the Well
    • Cementing the Well
    • Logging the Well
  • Completing the Well
    • Perforating the Well
    • Well Completion
    • Tubing
    • Christmas Tree Installation
  • Shale Well Drilling and Completion (Fracking)
    • Directional Drilling
    • Fracturing and Completion
    • Flowback and Tubing Installation
  • Producing and Sales
    • Surface Equipemtn
    • Artificial Lift
    • Saltwater Disposal
    • Measurement
    • Transportation & Sales
  • Summary & Review
OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Summarize the history of oil and gas exploration
  • Describe the funcion and process of Petroleum companies
  • Recall different types of Petroleum products and product users
  • Demonstrate an understanding of earth's geology and its relationship to oil and gas formation
  • Distinguish how Landmen broker leases and land purchases
  • Summarize and breakdown the drilling process and operations
  • Differentiate and discuss how wells are completed
  • Differentiate between the various production activites
  • Construct and explain the transportation and sales processes
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