Car Rental Discounts

Any member can use COPAS' number to obtain discounts for business or personal travel.

AWD: L039224
Discount (CDP) number: 1970958
Contract ID: ESHB51C (includes Loss Damage Waiver)
Customer #: SB00001


COPAS Group Members are eligible to save up to 20% off airport parking rates at partner lots across the US. Use the promo code: COPAS at check out or click on to reserve online and save instantly on parking.

HotelStorm Discount

COPAS is excited to announce a new partnership with HotelStorm to bring exclusive hotel discounts to our members.  HotelStorm negotiates hotel discounts only available to COPAS members, with discounts up to 55%.  Simply search the website for you favorite destinations - whether personal or professional - and you'll find savings of 10-55% over the online travel agencies.  Visit HotelStorm and use password COPAS123 to unlock our discounts.


Office Depot Office Supply Discount Program

COPAS and Office Depot have teamed up to bring you a members savings program where you can receive significant savings up to 60% off a list of the most commonly purchased items. Most other items will be discounted at least 5% over everyday low prices. You will also be able to save up to 70% on Copy & Print jobs and free next business day delivery on qualifying online orders of $50 or more. To obtain your discount card click here. There are no risks or obligations to participate. This program is open to all companies and individual members. A list of frequently asked questions appears below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to use the program?
To participate in this program, you only need the printable card that can be found on the COPAS website. The flyer not only contains the discount card but it has a coupon for free lamination of your program card. Be sure to take the card with you to the store to obtain the discounts. If you have questions, contact information is listed below.

As a COPAS member can I share the discount program with friends and family?
Yes, Office Depot does not prohibit COPAS from sharing this program with family and friends. They will need a discount card just like members. Direct them to the link on the COPAS website and have them print the card as well.

Can I use the Store Purchasing Card at any Office Depot store?
Yes any Office Depot store will accept this card.

What if I don't have my Store Purchasing Card at the time of purchase, can I still receive the eligible discounts?
Yes, if you tell the store associate you are a member of COPAS and that the discount is set up as a business solutions account.

Can I just provide my phone number at the store?
No, your phone number is not linked to the Store Purchasing Card program.

I already have an Office Depot account, can I just provide my phone number to the cashier?
No, you must present your Store Purchasing program card. If you have an existing retail account your phone number would be tied to that account and not to the discount program.

What is the difference between the business account I already have at Office Depot and the new COPAS account?
The COPAS account is set up as a business solutions account that has been customized to meet the specific needs of COPAS including discounted pricing on over 400 items.

How would my company sign up for the COPAS program?
If you want to obtain the benefit of a monthly billing for your company as opposed to payment at the time of purchase or order online, contact Becky Custer at the number below. She can help you set this up. Or follow this link,

What if I prefer to shop online, can I still receive my COPAS discount?
Yes, you will need to contact the account manager directly so that you can be set up for online ordering through the site.

What payment terms are available?
You can use cash, credit card, or checks at any Office Depot store. Online purchases are mostly credit card purchases. Depending on your company's specific billing needs other payment arrangements may be available.

My company currently uses Office Depot, can they move over to the COPAS program?
Yes, contact your account manager.

If I order online, when can I expect delivery?
Supplies will be delivered the next business day between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Orders over $50 enjoy free delivery.

Is copy paper discounted?
Yes, three types of paper are discounted.

Is ink and toner discounted?
Yes, all ink and toner is discounted at a flat 5%.

I need printing and binding services in my business. Are there savings in this area too?
Yes, copy and finishing services are eligible for a discount. The discount will be noted on the savings card. Larger projects can be quoted.

Are Break Room and Cleaning Supplies eligible for this same program savings?
Yes, these items are included in the discount program as well.

Contact Information:

Becky Custer
Office Depot
Territory Development Manager

Vanessa de Soto
COPAS Office

COPAS Members Receive 10% Off a Roundtrip Reservation

Group/Discount Code: COPAS

COPAS members will receive 10% off a roundtrip reservation when made and paid online. Discount does not apply to exclusive vans (which are already discounted) or pre-existing reservations. Discounts cannot be applied retroactively. It is valid on select (Booking codes: ATF, EMG, EWC, and VAN) SuperShuttle and ExecuCar services nationwide.

To use your code (COPAS) simply enter it in the "GROUP/DISCOUNT CODE" box on the first page of the website when making your reservations at either: or

Identity Theft is so much more than a fraudulent charge on your credit card. It's time to consider LifeLock identity theft protection as a member benefit. Protect your personal information at a special discounted rate available through COPAS and join the millions of members that protect themselves with LifeLock.

Enroll at:

UNA Purchasing

UNA is a group purchasing organization that leverages a collective spend of more than $60 billion dollars to negotiate incredibly discounted vendor contracts through their alliance of partners. Some of these vendors include brands you likely use such as FedEx, Ricoh, Shred-It, Orkin and others.

UNA has a large membership made up of more than 200,000 businesses, so their set-priced contracts are something most organizations could never get on their own.  Whether you are a small or large business, there are ways to streamline and maximize your purchasing options through the use of these contracts to help many of you save a significant amount of money immediately. The FedEx contract alone should substantially lower your monthly purchasing spend.


We encourage you to visit the website where we have the details of these contracts posted. Over the next several months we will be sharing more details about specific discounts that are now available and how some members have utilized these contracts in their purchasing departments.  To view these discounted contracts visit the COPAS Marketplace by clicking here.

Daniel Schuman is the UNA personal representative for our partnership.  He is available to help you start saving now.  Click here to contact him by email.

VSP Insurance Plan

Vision insurance gives you access to the services and products you need to care for your eyes. Of course you could choose to pay for these entirely out-of-pocket, but with a VSP insurance plan you'll realize substantial savings while receiving the personalized care you deserve.

COPAS members can save, click here for more details.