Why Join COPAS

Membership in COPAS

To become a member of COPAS join a participating society. If there is not a participating society within your geographic region you can join as a limited member. COPAS has 24 participating societies across the United States and Canada. For a complete listing of COPAS societies see the Societies page. Find the society closest to you and become a member today! Review their websites to learn more about the society and its members. Please feel free to contact the society president. The president is always interested in assisting new folks with the membership process as well as discussing their society's activities with you!

Not sure what society is the closest? Fill out and send us a Membership Referral Form. This referral form will be forwarded to the appropriate society for you. This society will contact you and provide you with all the necessary information for membership and current activities!

By becoming a member of COPAS, you will learn more about the petroleum industry's best accounting practices, standards, and guidelines, opening up exciting new avenues for you and your career! Enjoy the benefits of a COPAS membership and join us at our and Spring and Fall National Conferences. Also with a COPAS membership you can become a member of a task force, engage in the development of the accounting standards and guidelines and take advantage of the networking opportunities with fellow oil and gas associates!

Limited Memberships

If you do not live near a participating society, you can still become a member of COPAS. Limited members receive our quarterly publication and may participate in COPAS meetings and on task forces. Please see our Limited Membership Application.

Organize a new participating COPAS society

Another option is to organize a new participating, provisional or international society and apply for COPAS membership when all eligibility rules are met. COPAS encourages the formation of new societies and will be happy to provide assistance. Each society operates under its own bylaws but must meet certain criteria to become a member society of COPAS. Contact the Executive Director of COPAS at our office for more information.