Board of Directors

The COPAS board of directors is composed of nine members, each serving a three-year term. Three directors are elected annually at the COPAS fall meetings by the council. Officers are elected by fellow board members and serve one-year terms that commence on January 1.

The board of directors oversees COPAS operations to assure that policies, projects and other activities authorized by the council are executed in a proper and timely manner.

We are proud to present our current board members and officers:


President: Dan Triezenberg
Term 2015 - 2017
Society: Michigan
Company: Wolverine Gas and Oil Corp.

Vice President: Doug Smith
Term 2017-2019
Society: Oklahoma-Tulsa
Company: ConocoPhillips
Board Liaison to: Arkansas society, Oklahoma City society, Oklahoma-Tulsa society, Joint Interest Committee, CEPS Control Panel, Vehicle Rates Subcommittee
Treasurer: Wade Hopper
Term 2017-2019
Society: Houston
Company: Chevron U.S.A., Inc.
Board Liaison to: Anchorage society, Appalachia society, Houston society, New Orleans society, APA® Board of Examiners Committee, Revenue Committee, CEE Steering Committee



Tammy Miller-Davison
Term 2015 - 2017
Society: Denver
Company: Encana Oil & Gas (USA), Inc.
Board Liaison to: Canada society, Colorado society, Rocky Mountain society, Audit Committee, COPAS Mentoring Advisory Committee



Jeff Wright
Term 2015 - 2017
Society: Fort Worth
Company: 4A Energy Advisors
Board Liaison to: Abilene society, California society, New Orleans society, Nominating Committee, Research & Advisory Committee

Mary Frances Hermes
Term 2016-2018
Society: Dallas
Company: Eland Energy, Inc.
Board Liaison to: Acadiana society, Ark-La-Tex society, Dallas society, Financial Reporting Committee, COPAS Meeting Advisory Committee



Charlie Stovall
Term 2016-2018
Society: Corpus Christi
Company: Enterprise Products
Board Liaison to: Corpus Christi society, Michigan society, Mississippi society, Small Oil & Gas Companies Committee, COPAS Mentoring Advisory Committee


Deanna Duell
Term 2016-2018
Society: Denver
Company: Hein & Associates LLP
Board Liaison to: Kansas society, New Mexico society, Wichita Falls society, Leadership Handbook Advisory Committee, NOGS Steering Committee Representative, Social Media Moderator, WSLCA


Carolyn Sczepanski
Term 2017-2019
Society: Dallas
Company: AMS-PAR Consultants
Board Liaison to:  Fort Worth society, Permian Basin society, San Antonio society, Desk & Derrick, IPA Board, John Jolly Memorial Fund