Accredited Petroleum Accountant® Program

The Accredited Petroleum Accountant® Certification Program (APA®)
The Accredited Petroleum Accountant® certification program is responsible for accrediting accountants within the oil and gas industry, as overseen by the COPAS Board of Examiners.  The APA® certification program calls for eight examinations to test the basic elements of knowledge essential for an oil and gas accountant in the following areas:

Operations Joint Interest
Law Managerial
Financial Reporting Tax
Audit Revenue

All eight modules must be passed before a candidate is recognized as a full APA® and entitled to use the APA® designation.  An Associate Accredited Petroleum Accountant® certificate is obtained by passing the core modules and a module of the APA® candidate's choice.  The core modules are:  Operations, Law and Financial Reporting.  All tests are conducted in the United States or Canada, at this time, we do not allow for any international testing.

All the information regarding the APA® certification program can be found in the TR-46 APA® Accredited Information guidebook. This guidebook provides information on eligibility requirements, study materials, test dates, costs and responsibilities.  In addition, attached please find a power point presentation which provides a great overview of the program, APA® Power Point Presentation!

If you already have your CPA and want to specialize in oil and gas, this is the program for you!  If you have an accounting degree and want to increase your knowledge of oil and gas accounting, again this is the opportunity.  If you have five years of industry experience and do not have a college degree, you are eligible for this program and may pursue your APA® certificate. 

There are several advantages to becoming an Accredited Petroleum Accountant®.  By obtaining your APA® essentially you become your company's resource for best accounting standards, practices and guidelines as well as increasing your personal knowledge of the oil and gas industry beyond accounting.   This certification program covers basic oil and gas law, operations, financial reporting, tax, audit, joint interest, revenue and managerial accounting as well as providing a solid understanding of various land department responsibilities.   Becoming an APA® allows you to become part of a very select group of knowledgeable and recognized oil and gas accountants.  Start today and get your career on track!

Please note, we do not have any international testing facilities.  Only residents of the United States and Canada may take APA® examinations.  International testing can only be conducted through your employer in concert and coordination with COPAS.

The deadline for new candidates to register under the existing program with ExamSoft was December 31, 2015. Information regarding the new APA® program will be posted soon, so please check back.

To register for an APA® exam, please visit ExamSoft.

Testing options for candidates include:
1. University/College or library testing sites offered by ExamSoft;
2. Society- or company-sponsored sites;
3. Individual locations if a proctor is secured to monitor the test(s);
4. COPAS conferences;
5. The COPAS office

COPAS Sponsored Test Sites/Dates

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